Welcome to Poderistas

A new home for mujeres poderosas.

We are many, we are mighty, and this is our moment.

Pride, passion, and poder. That’s what we’re about at Poderistas™, because we know you’re about all of those things, too.

We’re building a community for modern Latinas who want to be informed and inspired. The ones who want to use their voices and harness the power of our poderosa collective to level up every aspect of their lives, whether it’s at home, at work, or in the voting booth. This isn’t about one moment in time. It’s about creating an authentic space for Latinas to celebrate and elevate our power, and to highlight the issues most impacting nuestra comunidad.

Everyone thinks they have us all figured out. But we’re a beautifully diverse group of mujeres, madres, partners, and citizens. We’re the fastest-growing demographic in America, and when we come together and cheer each other on, we can make lasting, meaningful impact in both our everyday lives and in our communities.

From bringing you the latest news affecting Latinas and encouraging civic engagement to fun stuff in the worlds of food, fitness, and more, we’re here to inspire and empower you in everything that you do.

We are many, we are mighty, and we’re ready to lift our voices and harness the power of this collective to make positive changes in our lives and our communities.

Bienvenidos a Poderistas™. We’re so glad you’re here!