About The Book Club:

Welcome to The Poder Circle Book Club—a quarterly, themed book club that aims to spark and facilitate important discussion around our shared experiences, our unique stories, and the issues that affect our comunidad. As Poderistas, we want to show the world that libros by Latinxs matter—that our words have Poder. As people, we come from a long tradition of storytellers whose words have sparked movements. We honor that tradition by uplifting Latinx voices, deepening our understanding of the Latinx experience, facilitating discussion, and inspiring action through words with impact. 


What To Expect: 

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The fall theme of The Poder Circle Book Club is:

The Strength in our Latinidad

Latinidad encompasses the powerful diverse attributes shared by Latin American people and their descendants. Through carefully curated books, we’ll celebrate our cultura, ancestral origins and their relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow, for it is this heritage that fuels the strength of Poderistas like us today. Together, we’ll honor our Latinidad and the force it brings to our lives and communities.

We are thrilled to announce our fall selection, featuring a collection of writings spanning time, styles, and traditions that are the perfect celebration of cultura during our Heritage Month.

As we explore the theme of The Strength in our Latinidad, we can’t think of a better group of book to read together than:

  •  Daughters of Latin America: An International Anthology of Writing by Latine Women edited by Sandra Guzmán 
About Daughters of Latin America: An International Anthology

Get reading and purchase your copy of The Poder Circle’s featured book!

Show your support for Latina authors and order your copy of our featured read, Daughters of Latin America: An International Anthology of Writing by Latine Women.

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“These Daughters write to create the self, to protest, to remember, to celebrate, and ultimately to heal and free themselves and in the process, others.” - Sandra Guzmán
About the author Sandra Guzmán Sandra Guzmán is an award-winning pioneering storyteller, culture writer, literary editor, and documentary filmmaker whose work reclaims and centers narratives of people and communities outside the margins. Her work explores identity, land, memory, race, sexuality, spirituality, culture, and gender. A multimedia storyteller, she writes, edits, translates, and produces work that illuminates and educates. Her documentary films have aired on PBS, Netflix, HBO, HULU and Prime. Her stories have appeared on NBC News, Gannett | USA Today, shondaland among others. Her opinion pieces on NBC Think, CNN, and Latino Rebels. She was a producer of The Pieces I Am, a critically acclaimed film about the art and life of her literary mentor Toni Morrison. She is the author of the non-fiction feminist book, The New Latina’s Bible and editor of LATINA and Heart & Soul magazines. Click Here

Deep Dive

After reading our featured book, keep exploring the Poder Circle quarterly theme of The Strength in our Latinidad with a curated selection of works created by Latinas coming soon!


We understand that times are tough for many and joining a book club is sometimes not within your budget. Poderistas wants to ensure we can make The Poder Circle Book Club accessible to amigas who have a financial need. To honor this, we have reserved a limited amount of books that are available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who have a need. Please email hola@poderistas.com with the email subject ‘Book Club Accessibility’ to request a copy. In your email, please include your name, mailing information, and the book you’re interested in.