About The Book Club:

Welcome to The Poder Circle Book Club—a quarterly, themed book club that aims to spark and facilitate important discussion around our shared experiences, our unique stories, and the issues that affect our comunidad. As Poderistas, we want to show the world that libros by Latinxs matter—that our words have Poder. As people, we come from a long tradition of storytellers whose words have sparked movements. We honor that tradition by uplifting Latinx voices, deepening our understanding of the Latinx experience, facilitating discussion, and inspiring action through words with impact. 


What To Expect: 

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The winter theme of The Poder Circle Book Club is:

The Power of Possibility

We honor the tradition to continue uplifting our Latinx voices and keep empowering current and upcoming generations with inspiring stories. As Poderistas, we want to remind each other that our words, hopes and dreams can never be too small or too big. We are oftentimes our own worst critics and self-doubters but knowing we have the power to change our way of thinking creates an infinite amount of possibilities. Let’s allow ourselves to live with intention and the confidence that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

My What If Year

by Alisha Fernandez Miranda

As we explore the power of possibility and owning the poder and lies within us, we can’t think of a better book to read together as we kick off the year than Alisha Fernandez Miranda’s new memoir, My What If Year.

About My What If Year

Get reading and purchase your copy of The Poder Circle’s featured book!

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“This change was about imagining the version of myself on the road ahead, the version I had yet to meet, and giving her the freedom to decide who she wanted to be - intern or CEO - without the expectations of the past holding her down." — Excerpt from My What If Year
About the author Alisha Fernandez Miranda In addition to being the author of My What If Year, Alisha Fernandez Miranda serves as chair and former CEO of I.G. Advisors, an award-winning social impact intelligence agency that consults with the world’s biggest nonprofits, foundations, and corporations on their philanthropy and social initiatives. A graduate of Harvard University and the London School of Economics, her writing has been featured in Vogue, Business Insider, Romper, and Huffington Post. Originally from Miami, she currently lives in Scotland with her husband and children. Click Here

Deep Dive

After reading My What If Year, keep exploring the Poder Circle quarterly theme The Power of Possibility with this curated selection of works created by Latinas to keep you inspired to live your best life. 


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Ted Talk

Isabel Allende: How to live passionately — no matter your age Watch Now


Selena feat. Jennifer Lopez
Frida feat. Salma Hayek


Celia Cruz La Vida Es Un Carnaval


We understand that times are tough for many and joining a book club is sometimes not within your budget. Poderistas wants to ensure we can make The Poder Circle Book Club accessible to amigas who have a financial need. To honor this, we have reserved a limited amount of books that are available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who have a need. Please email hola@poderistas.com with the email subject ‘Book Club Accessibility’ to request a copy. Please include your name and mailing information in your email.