Mental Health Matters

All month long, we will dive into the mental state of Latinas today and together with Latinx Therapy, offer daily tips and expert advice, curated with you in mind.

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Join us as we make our mental health a priority.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022, Poderistas is uplifting our Salud y Poder for the month of May and starting a conversation around mental health as we re-prioritize Latinas’ mental wellbeing.

Take The Salud y Poder Challenge

Dedicate time to your mental health daily and share your journey by tagging @Poderistas and using #SaludyPoder for a chance to be featured & lookout for details about how you can win prizes!

Step #1

Download the Salud y Poder Challenge printable below and track your daily commitment to your mental health.

Step #2

Look for the Salud y Poder challenge post on @poderistas social media every day in May for details about the daily challenge.

Salud y Poder Resident Therapist Adriana Alejandre Adriana is a nationally recognized speaker for mental health advocacy, group practice owner of EMDR and Trauma Therapy, and has extensive experience as a trauma, EMDR therapist. Along with being the host & producer of the Latinx Therapy podcast, she is a keynote speaker, consultant, supervisor, and founder of the national directory of the Latinx Therapy Network and Alejandre Foundation. She is passionate about destigmatizing mental health and providing education about culturally affirming topics.
Partner Organization Latinx Therapy An organization striving to destigmatize mental health in the Latinx community through bilingual podcasts, platforms, and a directory of Latinx mental health providers. Learn More

Join us!

Come together with Latinas from around the country for our 2nd annual virtual roundtable highlighting the mental state of Latinas today, presented by Pinterest.

Salud Y Poder: ¿Y Ahora Qué? Surviving, Thriving and Holding Space For Each Other

You’ll hear from incredible mujeres in conversation about the ways our community grapples with mental wellness, cultural stigma around mental health PLUS get tips & tools to help manage daily stressors.

Hosted by

  • Alicia Menendez

Special guests

  • Adriana Alejandre
  • LMFT Robyn Moreno
  • Dr. Lydiana Garcia
  • Ayanna Kelly
  • y más!