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Summit 2021

Amazing Speakers. Powerful Conversations. Cultural Connections.

The Latinas Make a Difference Summit is back and better than ever! We’re kicking off three days of free virtual events designed to elevate and celebrate your PODER as a catalyst for change, whether it’s for yourself, your familia, or your community. From health and advocacy to dinero, parenting, and beauty, harness your power with workshops, masterclasses, keynotes, and more featuring Latina experts and famous faces from all walks of life — just like you! You don’t want to miss this.


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Summit Schedule

Don't miss out on 3 days of programming created just for you!


Let’s get to know each other and talk about why our PODER is so palpable – and full of possibilities on this first day of the summit centered around the Power of Us!

  • Lilliana Vasquez, Emmy-award winning TV personality
  • Eva Longoria, activist, actor, producer, director, and co-founder of Poderistas

Keynote Address

  • Robin Arzón, VP of Fitness Programming at Peloton

JEFA IN ACTION: Minding her Business and Elevating the Culture SPONSORED BY PArsons entrepreneur Academy

Motivation Alert: Find out what it takes to build a business from the ground up from a Latina entrepreneur who credits the lows as much as the highs for her success.

  • Carly-Ann Fergus, Associate Director of Product Management, Parsons Entrepreneur Academy
  • Julissa Prado, CEO and Founder of Rizos Curls

DEFINING LATINIDAD: Sin Pelos en La Lengua

When you’re Latina, defining your identity is sometimes harder than it seems. Find out why it’s important for our cultura, our community, and ourselves in this no-holds-barred conversation that promises to speak truth to poder.

  • Jeanine Mason, actress Roswell, dancer
  • Kim Guerra, artist, writer, entrepreneur, and creator of Brown Badass Bonita
  • Julissa Contreras, storyteller, writer, poet, actor, community builder, and educator the creator/host of the “Ladies Who Bronche” podcast and creator of the YouTube hit “Shit Spanish Girls Say”


To cap our day of Power of Us, enjoy a lively, vibrant celebration featuring cocktails, food, and entertainment!

  • Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, actress, author, comedian
  • Chef Dora Stone, Dora’s Table
  • DJ KDVA, Karol Posadas
  • members of the Poderistas Power Squad


Welcome to Day 2 of the Latinas Make a Difference Summit. Today we explore the Power of Community!

Wellness Spot
  • Candy Calderon, founder of @GlowWellnessTour

FireSide SiDe Chat

A discussion about the power that comes with being in control of our bodies and our health, and the important role that Planned Parenthood plays in many of our communities.

  • America Ferrera, activist, actor, producer, director, and co-founder of Poderistas
  • Alexis McGill-Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Artist Spotlight
  • Karina Daza, singer, songwriter


Real-world activists break down the small ways that we can flex our philanthropic muscle.

  • Mónica Ramírez, lawyer, organizer, founder of Justice for Migrant Women, and co-Founder of the National Farmworkers Women’s Alliance, The Latinx House, Poderistas
  • Bia Viera, Interim CEO, The Women’s Foundation California 
  • Jennifer Agmi, Senior Program Officer, The Libra Foundation
  • Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, President & CEO Women’s Funding Network

MASTERCLASS: Organizing & Advocacy For The Real-World Mujer 

You want to level up your support for the causes you love and perhaps even launch an organization of your own – but where do you start? The answer, amiga, is this workshop!

  • Carmen Perez-Jordan, President and CEO of The Gathering for Justice, co-founder of the Justice League NYC and Poderistas

Salud! Closing the Gaps in Nursing and Healthcare sponsored by Tampax and Vicks

From scholarships to jobs with benefits and room to grow, the healthcare industry is full of opportunity — and in need of a Latinx workforce that represents the communities they serve. Find out how to seize this moment from Latina experts helping to close this gap.

  • Ilonka Laviz, North America Vice President of the Vicks Family of Brands, P&G
  • Mónica Ramírez, lawyer, organizer, founder of Justice for Migrant Women, and co-founder of the National Farmworkers Women’s Alliance, The Latinx House, and Poderistas
  • Dr. Adrianna Nava, Ph.D., MPA, MSN, RN, President of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • Carmen Mendez, Clinical Nurse, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Dr. Naty Cifuentes, Gynecologist

Building Bridges and Powering Connections 

Find out how the Latinx and other communities of color can harness the power of our shared experiences to break barriers for people of all races, genders, abilities, and backgrounds.

  • Carmen Perez-Jordan, president and CEO of The Gathering for Justice, co-founder of the Justice League NYC and Poderistas
  • Ingrid Archie, Co-facilitator for Women Organizing for Justice and Opportunity, A New Way of Life, Reentry Program
  • Karen Villa, activist, director, producer
  • Katherine Perez, Inaugural Director of the Coehlo Center for Disability Law, Policy and Innovation
  • Yoga w/Desi Bartlett of Mothers Into Living Fit

Don’t Count Your Years…Make Your Years Count Sponsored by AARP

For Latinas getting older means growing wiser, which only makes life more meaningful. Join us for an eye-opening conversation about why it’s important to age with gusto, and make your years count.

  • Soledad O’Brien, Journalist, Author, philanthropist, Founder of Soledad O’Brien Productions
  • Yvette Peña, Vice President of Hispanic/Latino Audience Strategy, in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Stephanie Valencia, President and Co-founder of EquisLabs, co-founder Poderistas
  • Dr. Bertha Hidalgo, Ph.D., MPH Associate Professor w/Tenure, Department of Epidemiology


Welcome to Day 3 of the Latinas Make a Difference Summit. Today we focus on the Power of You!

Wellness Spot
  • Melanie Santos, bruja, guide, creator, writer, speaker, mental health advocate
  • Maria Leguizamon, Colombian Mafia Fit


Financial freedom is more attainable thank you think, says Latina money guru Allison Baggerly. Pick up her best tips for lowering debt, budgeting, and taking control of your financial future.

  • Allison Baggerly, blogger/podcast host and founder of Inspired Budget


Civic engagement sounds great, but what exactly does it mean and how do I do it? Find out during this intimate conversation about why voting is important to the Latino community.

  • Eva Longoria, activist, actor, producer, director, and co-founder of Poderistas
  • Ana Navarro, political strategist and commentator
Artist Spotlight
  • Macehualiztli Noyollo Aztec Group Dance


An honest conversation about the joys and challenges of modern motherhood and raising bicultural (or even tricultural) kids.

  • Elsa Collins, social impact consultant, co-founder of Poderistas
  • Tatyana Ali, actress, producer, singer, activist
  • Karen Comas, Motherish Podcast co-host
  • Pamela Silva, Emmy-award winning journalist, Motherish Podcast co-host

Artist Spotlight
  • Laura Strada
Wellness Affirmations on Aging Sponsored by AARP

Affirmations, meditations — you know they’re good for you at any age, so go ahead and join us for this guided wellness session.

  • Marcela Arrieta, Pranic healer 


Whether it’s on paper, screen, or an open mic, telling our people’s stories — and documenting our history — has never been more important. Meet the storytellers leading the charge.

  • Olga Segura, producer, actress, activist, and entrepreneur, co-founder of Latinx House and Poderistas
  • Paola Mendoza, author, producer, and co-founder of the original Women’s March
  • Sara Rodriguez, SVP Documentary Programming, HBO
  • Gloria Calderón Kellett, award-winning writer, producer, director, actress
Latinas Make a Difference SUMMIT Closing Remarks
  • Host Liliana Vasquez
  • America Ferrera, actress, producer, director, activist, and co-founder of Poderistas 

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