For Poderistas, the sky is the limit, and juntos, we are heading there. Need proof? We’ve got you!

As we kick off a new year of possibilities, we are muy excited to honor ✨Visionary Latinas✨ who are driving change and never settling. Together with Toyota Latino, we’ll be sharing the inspirational stories of fearless mujeres who are harnessing their superpowers as changemakers within their communities.

Tune in to our social media channels every Tuesday for the weekly Visionary series presented by Toyota and prepare to be inspired by this incredible group of Latinas who remind us that nothing is stopping Latinos from going wherever they want.  

Visionary Pillars of Power

The women featured represent a pillar that is vital to our community. From making sure our stories are told to bringing financial freedom & wellness to the forefront, they exemplify Latina PODER.


Meet The Visionary Latinas

Cultural visionary Christy Haubegger
Entertainment Executive & Co-Founder of Poderistas
Personal Visionary Dr. Bertha Hidalgo
Financial visionary Beatriz Acevedo
CEO & Co-Founder of SUMA Wealth
Cultural Visionary Susie Jaramillo
CEO & CCO of Encantos