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Welcome to the Poder Portal, our comprehensive civic engagement hub designed to help you be an informed, active citizen. From local volunteering efforts to community organizing and even running for office, we’re here to help you access the information and resources you need to raise your voice and take action about the issues that are important to you.

The word poder carries multiple meanings: action, power and possibility. That’s why we’re taking action and wielding our power into endless possibilities—and we need you.

We know you’re busy taking care of familia, going to school, running businesses, and standing up for your comunidad—so take a deep breath—we’ve got you! Whether you’re looking for new opportunities to get involved in your community, or you want to join other mujeres to flex our collective power across the country, the Poder Portal has everything you need.

YOU have the power to voice your choice — and WE are here to help you do it!

I Voted, y Ahora Que

3 Ways To Find Out What’s Most Important To You
Asking yourself these questions will help you hone in on your REAL views.
6 Ways to Debunk False Claims
Let’s talk about the  “d-word” — disinformation — and its close primo, misinformation.
3 Ways To Prep Your Vote
Once you’re registered and made a plan to vote — ahora qué? From choosing candidates to your position on issues, these tips will help you flex your poder.

Represent! Represent!

Using the interactive population map below, click on your home state to find out how big the Latino population is — it’s probably larger than you think — then use the handy stats and info to contact your electors, stay on top of voting deadlines, and more. As the fastest growing voting bloc, we can make a difference wherever we live.

Are You Registered?

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Not sure if you're registered or need to verify that your registration information is up to date?
Register To Vote
Voting for the first time? Click below to register via your local state website.
Help Someone Register
Voting is better when we do it together! Show your comunidad some love by helping someone register.

Take Action! Volunteer.

From language access to voter ID challenges, the Latinx community faces barriers that other voters don’t. By getting involved and taking action, you can make sure our comunidad has what it needs to raise its voice — loud and proud. Below are opportunities for you to get involved:

Join Our Voting Squad
Want to receive training and tools to help you host your own registration drive in your community? Join our squad to connect with other Poderistas in your community who want to do the same.
Sign Up
Become a Poll Worker
Not only do Poll Workers get paid, but you get to do it all while supporting your community. Bilingual services are especially needed to ensure language access. Learn more about becoming a poll worker.
Voter Helpline & Chatbot
Like talking to people in your community? Join our friends at VoteRiders who are running a helpline to ensure voters have the info they need to vote in this election. Spanish speakers are needed!
Write Letters to Voters
Too shy to make a call, but want to connect voters? Letter writing gives you an opportunity to reach eligible voters directly to ensure they have what they need to vote in this election.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what information you’d like us to include on the portal, what issues are important to you, and how we can help you harness your poder to take action and make an impact! – with link to email